Hi and welcome! I’m Linnea, and on this little blog you’ll find stories and blurbs of how we live life and raise our family in the beautiful state of Montana. My husband and I are huge advocates for getting outside (even/especially with our little toddler and a soon-to-be baby), eating AND enjoying healthy and fulfilling food, and living a somewhat “crunchy” lifestyle. So those are the types of topics I’ll be writing about on this blog!

Outdoor Life
I grew up on a farm and probably ate way more dirt (filled with who knows what!) than my parents knew. We didn’t have a ton of toys growing up, but we were encouraged to be creative, and many times, that took us outside. We watched the birds, built forts for ourselves and some for the cats, rode our bikes, jumped on hay bales, had pet field mice near an old corncrib, and searched for frogs by the stinky, muddy creek.

My husband and I hope our kids will also find enjoyment in the outdoors. We are lucky enough to live in Montana where there is always something to do outside, no matter the season – hike, fish, hunt, rock climb, mountain or road bike, trail run, camp, ski, rock hunt. Teaching our kids to love and appreciate the outdoors begins with us. Many times our outdoor adventures rarely go exactly as planned, but I’m so grateful that we are still able to get outside and experience places close to and far from home. How lucky for us and our kids that we can go hiking everyday if we want and explore and discover the fascinating world around us!

Eating well is also important to us. We’ve found that all of us feel better when we eat nutritious meals and snacks. For us, that means lean, wild game meat. My husband hunts, and we rely on the wild game meat as our primary source of meat. It also means eating whole grains almost exclusively. Whole wheat pasta is actually tasty!! Even if it took my husband years to admit it! Lastly, we TRY to limit our sugar intake. I’ll be including some posts about the food we prepare and eat and show that even on a budget, eating healthy is attainable! When we eat healthy, we feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. We want to feel our best when we’re out adventuring together as a family!

“Crunchy” Lifestyle
I’m not sure if this is the best way to phrase this, but we also TRY to watch the products we use and live in a sustainable way. That looks different for different people. For our family, this means such things as not buying too many extra things that create clutter and making some of our own health and home products. Some may call the topics I post under this heading as “crunchy” while others may not! 🙂

I look forward to sharing stories from our life with you as well as hearing from you!