Another Morning Hike

Another Morning Hike

Run, Ollie, Run!

We’re lucky to have neighbors who have become friends. They also have a little toddler making it all even more fun, especially for me as we get to go on hikes together! It’s so much fun to go on hikes together and watch the two boys play in the dirt, point out animal poop, play hide-and-seek in the tall grass, barely miss each other as they swing their sticks around, and run down the hills and again, barely miss running into one another with all of the momentum they gain on the downhills! And a bonus, we made it through this morning’s hike with no bleeding (from the toddlers anyway…I got a little scrape from some bushwhacking – no matter how short the hike, when 33 weeks pregnant, I WILL have to bushwhack my way to a little bit of privacy.. 😉 ).

I’m getting used to morning hikes equalling Oliver hikes. I don’t expect to get a great workout in as we hike very slowly, stop frequently, and don’t make them too long because we have to be back home in time for Oliver’s nap. And I’m feeling okay with it all. It just means I have to schedule a workout hike/run in at a different time of the day, and I really can’t complain about having to go spend time in the hills and mountains again! 😉 

Some thoughts that have helped me more fully enjoy our Oliver-paced hikes:

  1. I want Oliver to enjoy the outdoors as much as we do. And so far, he appears to love the outdoors and being on (or off!) the trails. Kids can feed off of our emotions, and if Oliver senses that I’m stressed and antsy, he’s not going to enjoy the hiking experience as much (and neither am I!).
  2. On a similar note, how lucky are we to live in a place where we can be at a plethora of trails within 10 minutes?!?! Our kids get to grow up in this place! And they get to, from such a young age, explore it so intimately. I don’t want to take that away from Oliver or our future kids.
  3. He’s learning an incredible amount just by getting to play in the rocks and gravel, throw different sized rocks and sticks (uhhh, away from people of course…), feel the different flowers and grasses, and run up and down hills and over rocky terrain. He learns about different textures, gravity, and also improves his coordination.
  4. He’s learning that he has more energy if he eats his breakfast before we go… I think anyway. I’m hoping he makes that correlation soon!
  5. It’s even more fun to see Oliver hike with a friend! I love going hiking with other moms and their kids. We get to talk (with frequent interruptions!) and watch our little ones explore together.
  6. My belly is growing, and carrying Oliver will soon be more difficult. He’s building his muscles so he can hike with his own two feet even more as the summer progresses and fall arrives.
  7. And, I still get to schedule in alone-time (or friend-time) hikes in the evenings!
A dirt and cherry stained happy face!

We’ve been hiking with Oliver since he was a newborn. I’m thankful that through all of his stages so far, he has enjoyed hiking, whether being carried snuggled in on the front, on our backs, or hiking himself. We just have to make sure we remember to bring snacks!


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