Berry picking!

Berry picking!

I say this frequently, but I love where we live. I miss home at times and the farm I grew up on in eastern South Dakota, but there is so much beauty and opportunity for outdoor activities in Montana. Our latest adventure was berry picking – raspberries, huckleberries, and gooseberries, all in the same area. In fact, the berries were so bountiful, we had to go berry picking twice in one week! And the best part? Or at least a pretty dang convenient part? It is less than 30 minutes away.

Eating those raspberries πŸ™‚

I don’t think Oliver ever actually placed a berry in the bucket. He definitely took berries OUT of the bucket. And he did pick berries. Once a berry was in his hand, however, it went straight to his mouth.

The ground was pretty uneven where we did our picking, so Oliver stayed pretty close to one of us. That was a good thing in this case, as we did have to watch to make sure he didn’t eat any poisonous berries. Even at 2, he’s getting to learn so much about the outdoors!

Caught with another berry in his mouth!

Since Oliver could empty a bucket in a matter of seconds, Roy and I had to have a plan. One of us watched Oliver, and the other got down to business picking berries. Being 39+ weeks pregnant slowed me a down a bit (err…a lot), so Roy was the primary berry picker. Oliver and I would find some berries and munch for awhile before moving onto the next bush. When his tummy got full, there were always logs and tree stumps to play on (and pee off of), spiders to find, and dirt to dig in.

The tree stump is sooooo big!

I’ve noticed I end my posts with what I learned and just overall thoughts, but this time, I’m simply sharing one of our experiences. Maybe partly in hopes of luring some of our friends/family out here to visit???? πŸ™‚ Our life is about to change as we welcome our new little guy, and it’s been fun to soak up some quality family time with just us three. Soon, we’ll get to have quality family time with all four of us!



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  1. I’ve never been huckleberry or gooseberry picking! Only raspberries. Maybe we will have to come out to visit!! (And to see you guys of course!) πŸ˜‰

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