Now that it is spring and almost summer, we like to spend several hours outside each day. Some days, however, it is still pretty chilly out, or windy, or rainy, and outside time is a bit less. Good news though! We can still enjoy nature from inside! For Mother’s Day, Roy and Oliver got me a bird feeder so we could watch more than robins, starlings, and doves from our window. So far, we have all loved it! It has been incorporated into our morning routine. When O wakes up, we sit with him on the couch and watch the birds outside. He gets so excited when he sees a robin, or as he calls it, a “rah-rah”. For awhile, every bird he saw was a rah-rah! With our bird feeder now up, we also get to see sparrows and finches.

The look of wonder. In this photo, not at birds, but at chimps. He moves too quickly these days at home to get a good photo of him watching the birds! But I had to include a photo, right?!? 

Since O has shown an interest in birds, I decided to find some toddler books about birds. Our library had Have you Heard the Nesting Bird? by Rita Gray, so we started with that one. The book shows different birds including sparrows, swallows, doves, crows, and of course, the nesting robin! I think it’s fun when we can combine experiences and books about those experiences – in this case, birds. Over the last week, we’ve loved getting to see O begin to differentiate between the birds he sees outside and in books.

I’m always on the search for other great bird, wildlife, nature themed books. If you know of any, please let me know! 🙂

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